Daniel Zimnikov: Katya Samutsevich Birthday Wishes from Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Today is the birthday of Pussy Riot group member Ekaterina Samutsevich and Mikhail Khodorkovsky sends his wishes to Katya:

Ekaterina Samutsevich

Ekaterina Samutsevich

Dear Ekaterina,

I wish you a happy birthday as well as health and luck.

I know from my own experience that it is very difficult, to put it mildly, for you right now, but the support of millions of people cheers you, gives you strength and ultimately helps you to survive. Many, many people in different countries, but above all, in Russia, support you and your friends today.

The Pussy Riot case has highlighted many deficiencies of our current government, which prevent Russian people from a normal life. Ignorance of the law and double standards, cowardly, dependent judges – unfortunately, you have to personally experience all of this.

I hope that your experience in prison will soon be over. Crooks, who assert themselves at your expense, will be defeated. What conclusions will you come to? What will you take with you to a free world? Now, it is not only important for you as the eyes of the whole of Russia are upon you. Try not only to be much smarter, but also a lot kinder than your persecutors.

Once more I wish you, Nadegda, Maria and your families all the best.


Mikhail Khodorkovsky

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