Daniel Zimnikov: Kadyrov went beyond Chechnya: he does not like government in neighboring Ingushetia

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, commenting on a special operation carried out by Chechen security forces this week in the Ingush village of Galashki, criticized the head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov for not actively fighting against terrorists. “Strange declaration of territoriality, on the border” by the authorities of the neighboring republic of place, he says: “If there is not Yevkurov establish order, we will put things.” He adds that within Yevkurov criticize religious figures.

On the scale “foreign” Chechen security forces raid Kadyrov told himself. According to him, were destroyed by the organizers of the attack on his native village of Tsentoroi, which killed five police officers were killed 12 militants. According to him, were eliminated in the Galashki organizers of the attack: Zaurbek Avdorhanov, Ibrahim Ayoub and Avdorhanov Haladov.

Press conferences were not enough, and the theme was continued on the official site of the head and the government of Chechnya. And in very sharp terms. “We have repeatedly said Yevkurov that Galashki and other towns find shelter especially dangerous criminals. They offered jointly destroy this hornets’ nest. But instead of taking measures to eliminate them made strange statements about the territoriality of the border. However, we could not let the bandits with impunity, killing people, “- said Kadyrov.

He also said he did not allow “thugs with impunity in the border area to rest, to make incursions into Chechnya, which resulted in loss of life, and rest up again in Ingushetia.” He also stressed that, in the village of Galashki it was a special operation of Chechen security forces, and noted that in Chechnya, “with surprise and bewilderment” were accepted by the words Yevkurov that the death of three militants, “is the result of inadvertent explosion.”

“Errant” and “devils”

Kadyrov also criticized Yevkurov for statements that the fighters are not criminals, but “misguided men.” “To me, they are not bandits … these people are young, misguided, not their bearings in life that are out there offended,” – said Yevkurov, telling reporters this week that security forces since the beginning of the year eliminated in Ingushetia order 20 militants.

“They say it’s misguided young people. For us they are criminals, terrorists, devils, the enemies of the Chechen and Ingush people, the enemies of Russia … In this case, he should put them on the path of truth, and not to allow bloodshed,” – said Kadyrov, commenting these words.

The head of Chechnya also believes that Yevkurov “does not properly support the clergy who openly oppose the Wahhabis”, quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

“At the moment I found a group of highly respected in Ingushetia murids of Sheikh Kunta-Haji Kishieva. They bitterly say that traditional Islam is gradually pushed into the background, although at all times is openly opposed the murids Wahhabis” – said Kadyrov.

According to Kadyrov, for many years, the Chechen government did not raise the question of borders with Ingushetia, as they were convinced that this boundary – a formality that should not divide people. “Rather than take this into account, Yevkurov allows himself openly hostile remarks against the Chechen people. Previously, he claimed that the refugees from Chechnya to Ingushetia brought prostitution, drug abuse … If Yevkurov does not want unity, brotherhood, for us, these principles are holy and we define the boundaries and hold them there, where, historically and according to the laws of the Russian Federation, they should be. In this case I can responsibly say that not a single square meter of native Ingush land will not remain within the territory of Chechnya. ”



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