Daniel Zimnikov: Is this a joke? Girl Infamous for Her Dumbness Will Become the New Face of Russian NTV

Sveta from Ivanovo – almost the symbol of dumbness – will become a TV host?

Sveta from Ivanovo on NTV?

 Seems it’s true and on July 21 the new project “Ray of light” will debut on NTV channel.

It is planned to be the weekly show in which Sveta will interview Russian news-makers: celebrities, sportsmen, politicians and internet heroes.

Who is Sveta from Ivanovo?

In December 2011 the correspondent of “Moscow News” Yevgeniy Gladin attended the rally in support of Russia’s ruling party “United Russia”.

There he talked to Svetlana Kuritsyna – the activist of pro-Putin youth movement “Nashi“. The short interview with Sveta in which she tried to explain why she liked “United Russia”, was uploaded to YouTube and became the main hit of the winter.

Some of Sveta’s answers from this interview became popular memes of Russian internet and even the fan page devoted to Sveta was created in VKontakte (Russian analogue of Facebook).


Here is the link infamous video [see the translated annotations below].

[Note:  Sveta had been widely ridiculed for her inarticulate speech full of grammar mistakes. In the translated annotations I intentionally kept the original mistakes. But in order to distinguish them from the mistakes which I myself might introduce during the translation, Sveta’s blurbs are highlighted in yellow color]


0:01 – My name is Svetlana. I am from the city of Ivanovo.

0:06 – “United Russia” has made very many achievements.

0:08 – They have raised the economy..  economy

0:11 – We now have more better clothes.

0:14 – Err.. and there wasn’t what is now.

0:17 – These are very big achievements.

0:18 – Umm.. in agriculture it is also very good!


0:22 – What exactly in the agriculture have they done?


0:24 – Err…

0:26 – There are more.. lands.. err..

0:31 – A lot of.. well..

0:34 – I even don’t know how to say.

0:36 – More lands are being sown.

0:40 – Err.. umm, yes.. vegetables, there, rye, all that stuff

0:46 – Umm.. what else to say?

0:47 – Err.. since our country is multinational, we have a lot of people in Moscow who help us very much. From other cities.

0:56 – Err.. umm.. just


0:59 – You think it’s also the achievement of United Russia?


1:01 – Yes, this is a big achievement! And even very good one.

[1:05 – 1:06 – At this point, if you increase the volume, you will hear some girl near Sveta whispering “medicine.. medicine”]

1:07 – Medicine.. umbgh.. err, yes.. Medicine in our Ivanovo, has become very good medicine.

1:14 – Err.. what else?

[1:15 – Same girl is whispering “infrastructures”]

1:16 – Eh?

[1:17 – “Infrastructures”]

1:18 – Infrastructures in cities are good.

1:20 – No problems with housing.

1:23 – Err.. people are helped very well.


1:27 – That’s it?


1:28 – Aha.


1:29 – Thank you.

Russian netizens on Sveta from Ivanovo as the future TV host

All comments are from http://avmalgin.livejournal.com/3176851.html

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