Daniel Zimnikov – what wrong with Russian ortodox church?

OK ppl. I am not usually that kind of person who runs around forcing innocent bystanders to sign a petition to prevent slaughter of the flatulating acid-spitting zumzizeroo, but my heart goes out to those girls. I do not push you to sign this, it’s absolutely up to you. You might have a very different opinion from mine. But I personally think that SEVEN years in prison for protest action in church is a bit harsh for three girls (two of them are mothers btw)

There is the thing


Few words from myself. Feminist Punk Band “Pussy Riots”, how should I say… may be not best punk group around the world from musical point of view. But it is a part of russian protest street-art group Voina (War) And they have been expressing theyre political views in a very penetrating ways for more then a five years I think. Some of the action were probably not so well balanced, if you ask me, but some of them I absolutely admire. Like this one.


A huge phallus slowly growing in the night, right in the face of a Federal Security service building in St. Petersburg. Oh yeah…

Anyway, Those girls may be offended the feelings of a religious people somehow. But they do not deserve seven years in jail for singing in chorus ““Virgin Mary, redeem us of Putin”.

I think few hours of a community service would do. IF we forget the fact that they are being held in jail for more then three month already.

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